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Promo Scripts




The following are promo scripts for The Doctor’s Orders Radio Show.  If you would like Dr. Kipp to record special liners and promos for your station, just send the copy to Scott at scott@egradiomarketing.com

Promo 1

5 Seconds

Join Dr. Kipp Van Camp on The Doctor’s Orders radio program, (day) _______ at (time) _______ on (station) _______

Promo 2

10 Seconds

Be sure to follow doctor’s orders and listen to The Doctor’s Orders radio program with Dr. Kipp Van Camp (day) _______ at (time) _______ on (station) _______.

Promo 3

20 Seconds


He’s a husband, a dad, a radiologist, a professor, an author, a sought-after speaker, a botox injector and all around nice guy…he’s Dr. Kipp Van Camp… and he’s also a talk show host on The Doctor’s Orders radio program (day) _______ at (time) _______ on (station)