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Dr. Kipp Van Camp (affectionately known as Dr. Kipp) is a triple board-certified physician.  He conducts adult harvested stem cell research for those afflicted with MS, Alzheimer’s, COPD and concussive brain damage.  He is a faith-filled family man, a college ‘All-American’, two-time author (Always Allie & MisDiagnosis), pianist and host of his own syndicated radio show and podcast, “The Doctor’s Orders Show”.  Dr. Kipp, schooled in family medicine and radiology, travels across the Midwest rendering interventional radiological services to patients in a multitude of hospitals.

Dr. Kipp speaks all over the country about: Alzheimer’s. adult harvested stem cell research, SPECT scan, the human-animal bond, the Affordable Care Act, and the sanctity of the patient-doctor bond.

To request Dr. Kipp to speak at your event/seminar, please contact EG Media Group CEO, Scott Ragain – 314-795-9262  scott@egradiomarketing.com .