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Patrick Talley Joins Dr. Kipp to Discuss Easy To Use Technology for Seniors

On KFRM 11am Sat and also on WDXR 102.5…Heber City/Park City, 89.7 Doctor’s orders: Entrepreneur, Patrick Talley, discusses digital storytelling and geriatric care …GREAT show! Technology and seniors.

Segment #1 http://bit.ly/1INqgR7

Segment#2 http://bit.ly/1INqoQL

Segment #3 http://bit.ly/1INqw2u

Segment #4 http://bit.ly/1INqIPd

Segment #5 http://bit.ly/1INqOX4

For more on Mr. Talley’s remarkable and EASY to use apps, visit:

www.heratrack.com/   www.storiesetc.com/     www.swaha.social/

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