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The Doctor’s Orders Show educates listeners (individuals, families, employers, elected officials, doctors and others in the healthcare community) on prescient, new and important medical treatments and procedures, personal wellness care as well as gender and age-specific health concerns.

Dr. Kipp is gifted with the ability to simplify confusing medical terminology and methodology for the listening audience. His passion for helping people and the importance he places on intelligent healthcare choices and wellness is obvious to radio listeners. Dr. Kipp exhibits a teaching style or “on-air” bedside manner listeners have come to know, love and heavily rely upon.

America’s medical care is second to none…with physicians committed to the highest levels of healthcare, devoted to maintaining doctor –patient confidentiality. Americans say their worries about healthcare are second only to their concerns for the economy and job security. The Doctor’s Orders Show with Dr. Kipp, is an honest and upfront forum that includes, discussions with patients who have experienced specific disease states, real health education, the discussion of responsible /personal healthcare choices, current and future healthcare technology and constructive debate about the healthcare industry.

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